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Nice finds, and rock bottom prices too! I think the pewter-coloured silk top would look great with the white skirt and chain belt, white and metallics are fabulous together. xxx

Sharon S

Hi there!! Wow awesome finds, the fleece will look great with a long zip I agree and love the lilac sweater and Silk East top, you did really well! Thank you for your lovely comment and have a good week xx

Diary of a penny pincher

Hi ladies, thanks for your comments!

Hi Curtise, the top is more of a khaki in real life, but you saying it looks metallic (which it does) maybe I'll try it with a few things before attempting to (ruin) dye it. Sometimes, seeing something in a different light, and a different pair of eyes, gives you a whole new outlook! xx

Hi Sharon, thanks so much for popping by, glad you like my haul, and agree with my plans for the fleece. I might pop a bit of elastic in a the waist to give it a bit of shape too. Not bad finds for only half the month! xx

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