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Ooh, you have done really well, lots of lovely things here. That Lerose dress was a bargain, despite exceeding your usual limit. I have a Lerose dress too; yours looks 60s to me, and it's a beauty. The sheet is amazing, I would have snapped that up too, and you are spot on, the green maxi with angel sleeves caught my eye immediately! xxx

Diary of a penny pincher

Glad you like my bargains, Curtise! I was in magpie mode last month, so many things and all that! Must try and cut back but if nice things are there to be bought, and the price is right...well, you just gotta buy! xx

Vix Brearley

You have done well. I love vintage Lerose and I'd definitely have snapped that up for less than a fiver! the sheet is gorgeous, perfect for making into a maxi dress and the Joules jacket is a great buy, too.
Thanks for the shout out, its done the trick, I'm a finalist! xxx

Diary of a penny pincher

Thanks for your comment, Vix. I'm working on the sheet as we speak, well part of it, it's huge! Congrats on the place in the final!! xx

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