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Hi there!! Wow I love your jacket- black florals are gorgeous for Summer and that is such a lovely cut and style, such a fabulous purchase too! Thanks so much for the mention too and have a good weekend!! xx

Diary of a penny pincher

Hi Sharon, thank you for helping me decide what to spend my vouchers on! It was a pleasure to give you a mention! xx


The jacket is a beauty, nice choice!
I agree that even if you're spending vouchers so it feels like a freebie, you don't want to end up with something that isn't right. That's not sad, it's sensible! xxx

Diary of a penny pincher

Thank you, Curtise! I'm dreadful at spending money, so it was nice to find something pretty and useful to buy with my vouchers! Glad to see you had a great reunion weekend! xx

Vix Brearley

That jacket is lovely, it reminds me of those 1960s anoraks that modettes are partial to. xxx

Diary of a penny pincher

Thank you, Vix. I hope the weather warms up a bit now, so I can get some wear out of it! xx

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